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« Pour un Sourire d’Enfant » (PSE) is a French charity that was founded in 1995 by Christian and Marie-France des Pallieres, in Phnom Penh.


When traveling in Cambodia, they discovered what they recount as being “hell on earth: children of all ages living, working and eating under the scorching sun in Phnom-Penh’s then biggest dump”. A completely inhumane world where children were risking their lives for a few cents, where some of them would die before their very own eyes crushed by bulldozers shifting garbage. Moved by so much misery they decided to act quickly and created « Pour un Sourire d’Enfant » (“For a child’s smile”), PSE.

Since then, more than 10,000 children have been rescued from the dumps: they have received medical care, been clothed, nourished, socialized, educated and have graduated so that once they become young adults, they can attain a proper job.
Today in 2016, PSE takes care of more than 6,000 children every day. The organization provides an education for over 4,300 of Cambodia’s poorest children, and vocational training for an additional 1,500.

PSE contributed to initiate vocational training in Cambodia. Today, PSE Vocational Training Centre, named PSE Institute, includes 3 schools (Hospitality, Management and Sales & Technical) which prepare students for 28 different careers. More than 3.900 PSE alumni are among the happy few to have real jobs in Cambodia.

From the beginning of their project, part of Christian and Marie-France’s commitment has been to empower local communities and PSE now employs 450 Cambodian staff, which includes the entire management team. On top of that in 2013, PSE opened a dedicated program for those who are disabled.
PSE is also actively engaged in range of extracurricular support schemes. If providing education has been the main activity, many support programmes are essential for the success of the educational projects:

  • Feeding: more than 9000 meals handed out every day.
  • Medical care: PSE Medical team serves 20000 people.
  • Psychological follow up
  • Protection: a boarding house, foster families and a student hostel welcome those who are in danger in their families, those who are orphans, and those whose families live too far away.
  • In the "Paillotes" (community service centers): to welcome the younger ones who have nobody at home to take care of them during the day (showers, meals, medical care).
  • Programmes to support the most vulnerable families: compensation in rice, material, social and medical help.

  • The resources come from a sponsorship program (70% of operational expenses) and donations. At least 92% of the money collected goes directly to the children.
    In 2014 Claire and Mathieu Jacolin decided to create a Hong Kong branch for PSE to reinforce its local action leveraging the Hong-Kong based community who wanted to take action. Since then, PSE Hong Kong has been incredibly active to promote the initiatives being led out of Phnom Penh, raising funds and recruiting sponsors. PSE Hong Kong has held many successful events and supported activities which have provided much-needed funds for granting PSE: Humanitarian trips organized to PSE’s site in Phnom Penh or the HK Theater Festival, sponsored by the French Consulate, to name a few.

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publié le 30/09/2016

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