Scientific Watch N°5 - From 06/20/2015 to 07/03/2015

Please find every other two weeks a small Scientific Watch regarding cultural and scientific activities in France. [2015-N°05 from 06/20/2015 to 07/03/2015]

From 06/20/2015 to 07/03/2015

Editors :

Julie METTA, Scientific Officer - Hong Kong

Justin MONIER, Scientific Officer - Hong Kong

Sébastien TREMOLET, Scientific Officer - Hong Kong

Isabelle SAVES, Attachée for Scientific & Academic Affairs - Hong Kong

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1- Energy & Environment

1.1- Call for films : “Act On Climate Change” Mobile Film Festival (until September 28)

The 11th edition of the "Mobile Film Festival" is looking for your films ! This year, the festival is organized by MOBILEVENT in partnership with the United Nations as part of the COP21 Climate Change Conference and will have for the first time a theme : « Act on climate change ». The rules remain the same : 1 Mobile, 1 Minute, 1 Film.

More information about the Mobile Film Festival : - Source
More information about COP 21 on the following website : - Here

1.2- COP 21 : CNRS getting mobilized for climate

The 21st Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (COP 21) will take place from 30 November to 11 December 2015 in Paris-Le Bourget. Discover CNRS resources and events organized on the occasion of international meeting policy.

CNRS Website - Source

1.3- Mass extinction in poorly known

Using data on terrestrial invertebrates, a new study estimates that we may already have lost 7% of the species on Earth and that the biodiversity crisis is real. This observation was made by a multidisciplinary team of French researchers, including the Institute of Systematics, Evolution and Biodiversity (National Museum of Natural History / CNRS), the Conservation Science Centre (National Museum of Natural History / CNRS) and the University of Hawaii. The results are published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science (PNAS).

CNRS website - Source
PNAS website - Source

1.4- A photovoltaic module achieves a record efficiency of 38.9%

Leveraging its expertise in the field of semiconductor materials, the French industrial "Soitec" announced a new breakthrough in its SmartCell project that involves the development of a solar cell of four junctions.
This solar cell, which has already established a worldwide efficiency record in December 2014, has been successfully integrated into a concentrated photovoltaic module (CPM), allowing to achieve a conversion of 38.9% of solar energy into electricity. This represents a significant increase from the previous world record achieved by CPM modules.

Enerzine website, article in french , June 26, 2015 - Source


2- Health & Society

2.1- A filter that captures plastic waste in stormwater

“Suez Environnement” is developing “Cyclopenet”, a filter that captures the waste bigger than one centimeter in stormwater networks. It uses the force of the water combine with a gate in a very particular slant. This innovation can grasp plastic waste before they reach the sea.

Inra report, June 25, 2015 - Source
INCa Abstract - Source


3- Research and Education

3.1- Ganymede, a connected object to measure air quality

Four students of the French engineering school "ESIEA" (Digital Sciences and Technologies - Computer Science and Embedded Systems) have developed a connected plant-shaped sensor that measures pollution levels. The fake plant, called "Ganymede", is in fact an urban green design object, containing sensors that calculate humidity, carbon dioxyde, carbon monoxide and fine particles in the air.

"Le Monde" Website, June 12, 2015 - Source

3.2- Our Common Future Under Climate Change)

The international scientific conference “Our Common Future under Climate Change” will be the largest scientific community forum before COP21. The Conference - held in Paris from 7 to 10 July - will focus on moving from present knowledge to future solutions.

Inra Website - Source


4- Technology & Transport

4.1- AlgoSolis : a research platform dedicated to the industrial exploitation of microalgae

To meet the needs of industry and create the future industrial solutions, the GEPEA Laboratory (Joint Research Unit between the University of Nantes, CNRS and Oniris) developed the "AlgoSolis" R&D Facility. AlgoSolis provides scientific and technological environment to develop optimized strains, processes and methods for the industrial applications requesting mass-scale, controlled and efficient production of microalgae.

CNRS Website - Source
More about Algosolis - Here

4.2- Toward a better storm forecasting

A Franco-Brazilian team of researchers from Instituto Nacional de Pesquisas Espaciais (National Institute for Space Research, Brazil) and the laboratory of Aerology of the Toulouse University showed that the meso-level numerical simulation was able to reproduce the evolution of clouds towards a stormy condition.

CNRS Website, June 12, 2015 - Source

4.3- Nine French start-ups competed on “La French Touch” conference in New York

The French government has invested heavily in new businesses in the past few years, spending 2 million € (17,3 million HKD) on incubator infrastructure since 2013 and allowing entrepreneurs to access up to 1million € (8,6 million HKD). There have been more French companies on "Deloitte"’s fastest-growers ranking than any other European country for four consecutive years, and a French company has topped the charts for the past two.

France 24 Vebsite, June 27, 2015 - Source

More about "The French Touch" - Here

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